Friday Roundup

Hello there, after a bit of an absence, we are back to blogging! It's been a busy month for both of us.

Teresa launched a the second year of the No Mom Left Behind campaign this week, supporting mothers in Togo, West Africa ahead of Mother's Day. I'm participating with a personal fundraising page, you can read more about the project and why it is important to me there. Please check it out and consider donating. Any support is appreciated!

 I spent a good chunk of April in Ireland making a music video which Time calls "delightful"...thanks, I think so too! Now, I'm happy to be home in Seattle watching my giant lilac bush bloom whilst preparing for the next project.

Here are some things T and I found intriguing from around the web this week...

Learn Rosa Park's recipe for pancakes and a little more about her life. I have so much respect for her actions, her life AND the fact that she puts peanut butter in her pancakes.

Skincare tricks to try at home

Finding friends on Craigslist

I wore ALL of this in middle school! And it looks like we can wear it again now!

One more reason Iceland seems like a magical land and not a regular country.

Cinco de Mayo- Not Mexico's Independence Day.

#IAmAPreexistingCondition these stories are powerful and a reminder that we cannot give up this fight for healthcare.

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